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What’s in our first episode of BioTech Today:

GMO apples that don’t turn brown. How fun! Now you can buy rotten apples from the store and not even know it!  But, hey it will save big agriculture lots of money.  Who says they should donate un-purchased produce to local food pantries anyway?

Spider venom could be the answer to your problems in the bedroom too! Woo hoo! Just don’t go out and try to get a banana spider to bite you.

Bill Gates and his philanthropic works are at it again. He wants to spread GMO’s all throughout the world.  Thanks, man!

Hawaii is making an effort to get GMO’s labeled, but not without proper resistance and corruptions.

Honey should be a super food, but instead it’s a toxic soup.

Watch or listen to find out more about all of this on BioTech Today in it’s first ever episode.

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Heather Dayvis has a degree in Exercise Science where she completed courses that would prepare her for a career in the medical field. She also has a Musical Theater degree and enjoys adding music and drama to her video productions. She loves using her knowledge and experience to expose the occult, satanic, and pagan origins in mainstream religion, medicine, television, and everything else in the world today. She hopes these articles help you realize your rights and motivate you to stop being afraid of the truth, because "The truth shall set you free!"

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