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  • Chemtrail Plane Sprays What In Line With The Moon?

    Seeing a chemtrail over your head is normal these days.  Unfortunately, it’s something that most people don’t...

  • How Obama and The United States Creates Terrorism

    The United States has policies that create terrorism. From funding rebel forces, to encouraging children to bring suspicious devices to school, to ignoring American heroes who defend unarmed soldiers against terrorists, who Obama refuses to call terrorists… the United States creates terrorism, and patriots are getting sick and tired of it. Now...

  • Syrian Refugees Fleeing ISIS Not Assad

      ISIS has said they “intend to use the Syrian Refugee Crisis to infiltrate the West”! In addition to that threat, there has been no real travel restrictions placed on young Muslims going to Syria and Iraq and joining ISIS/Al Qaeda, receiving training and later returning to the U.S. and Western Europe!...

  • Secular Humanism: The New Declaration of Independence from Yahweh

    If you declare independence from bigotry based on religion you advocate for Secular Humanism which more or less outlaws any religion that teaches what you call: sexism, homophobia, or can be interpreted as racism. Secular Humanism is the long prophesied New World Order! Well, congratulations on being one of the first to...

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