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Interested in working on my essential oils team? You will become part of an Army of experts; ready to share valuable products, while building a life of prosperity and the freedom to live as you choose.

You can click on one of the appointments below to attend a class, join the wholesale group right away, get a team building session with me, or all three.

You see, I’m tired of people telling others how to live their lives. I have very specific ideas about how I want to live my life, and I’m not the only one. Now, while I want to have a choice about what I do with my own body, who and how I worship, and what activities I participate in, I feel like others should have those choices too.

(Yep, I’m a Libertarian)

Instead of freedom and prosperity, what I’m noticing today is that more and more of our freedoms are being eroded, while more people are struggling to make ends meat. Being in a position of poverty makes people more likely to do things that they disagree with, and that is not good for society!

I have spent almost 5 years now, blogging and YouTubing from my heart, spreading valuable knowledge about health, politics, and even righteousness (though I won’t force it on anyone). But now I see an urgent need, to not only change my own family’s situation soon, but to help others change their own.

My dream property
My dream property

We are about ready to head to the mountains, folks! It is my goal to have my husband leave the Army in 2017 with us not only being debt free, but prosperous enough to pay cash for mountain property. We want to live off the land and work from home. We want the freedom to drink raw milk, avoid vaccines, eat organic (affordably through aquaponics), let the children play outside without fear, and raise animals.

We want to take you with us! Not literally. Sorry, the mountain property with the stream running through it, wild turkeys roaming, trout to catch and eat, and berries growing like weeds, is just for my family. I’m sure you have your own dream. Somewhere under all of the chemtrails and fluoride, Roundup and modified genes, suffocating laws that attempt to strangle your very soul, and low wages that steal the last breath of hope you have… there is a person ready to emerge with abundance, freedom, and blessings to share.

So, my husband and I have built a private website (http://eoteambuilder.com) that is going to be a place for success. We will provide tools for our team with our networking marketing company (a top performing essential oil provider), that will build their business as well as ours.  Our team will be the best because we will have community, an easy place to “Hangout”, a place with checklists to do to teach you how to make money online, by providing a valuable product. Are we selling oils? Sure. But really, we’re selling freedom.

This is a Shemitah year, which means, we are supposed to relinquish debts, open our homes to the needy, and let the land yield her fruit. The divine promise in return is freedom and abundance and I am ready to earn it!

This is the first time I have ever observed a Seventh Year Sabbath, and it is transforming me from a person who hated money, to a person who is ready to prosper. I am ready to have abundance that is part of His divine plan. I can feel it coming, and I’d like to take you with me.  You don’t have to go to the mountains. Maybe your freedom is at the beach?

You should seriously consider joining us now, booking an appointment, visiting the site, or checking out my success building page on Facebook.

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The Truth Shall Set You Free